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Great interest and approval has raised from Ricky Gervais WSJ article: “Why I’m an Atheist” . Federico Pistono, an emerging global entrepreneur very sensitive to issues of social and scientific progress, have expressed his thoughts about.


Let me present a quite different point of view. I began to feel a strong need to be reassured about the presence of God when my mother died after 2 years of suffering and pain. Until then, the faith in myself was enough to endure the injustices and suffering I saw around me. But after that event I needed to know that even the greatest misfortunes there is a sense. So I started my research on the presence of God.I mean “presence”, not simply existence because I need to believe He see all and is awareful of our misfortunes. Believing this by faith was not enough for me, to. Excluded the possibility of finding proofs, I focused on finding some “evidences” . I managed to find these 2 which have been able to convince me:

  1. Scientific studies on near death experiences

The scientific studies  made from doctors like Sam Parnia and Pim Van Lommel on NDE (dear death experiencies) experienced by patients in cardiac arrest in hospitals have shown, inter alia, that:

  • even in those moments there is no any kind of electrical activity in the brain in the absence of heartbeat, these experiences are then remember so very much alive by patients and are very different from dreams. The meaning of life and the fear of death change significantly in people who have had an NDE
  • experiences are all similar regardless of race or religious beliefs (including atheists): feeling of absolute peace, meeting with deceased relatives, a light that welcomes and reassures, exit from your body and observation of his own body from the outside
  • during the experiences of out-of-body patients observed the activities carried out by medical personnel around them. The stories of these activities were later confirmed by the same doctors

In short, thousands of reported cases scientifically, it seems that make life after death a possibility quite likely. And from here the existence of God is a short step

  1. the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje

Surely you’ve heard of the visions that occur for more than 30 years to 6 men and women in this small town of Croatia. But not everyone knows that the visionaries were examined by different medical teams (1 , 2) , organizations belonging to both religious and secular, with detailed examinations during both appearances and during normal life. The results were that a) all 6 people are absolutely normal (they are not crazy neither fanatics). b) during the 6 appearances are not sensitive to pain, light or other external influences. For example, their pupils do not contract even when he is pointing a beam of light in the eye and this can not be done consciously. Basically they do not lie and will definitely see something different than the other but one could argue that it is completely subjective visions of those people, not actual visions. Well, try watching a few seconds of the movie below and you will realize that the visionaries all look the same imaginary point and, above all, the eyes move in the same direction at the same time. This means that everyone sees the same thing at the same time and then it becomes an objective fact.



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