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Object recognition by computer programs is the biggest promise of a endless range of new application and appliances (Internet of things) . Robotics, devices can be much more smart if they could be able to recognize objects viewed by a webcam.

So I experimented some software technics to reach this capability. In detail I concentrated into:

  1. finding points of interest in images and linking them by optimal triangles (Delaunay triangulation).
  2. Let users select which triangles best approximate the choosen object shape
  3. Using periferic points of selected triangles to find other instances of that object in different images or videos by mean of a “projection transform” (2D Homography) . I’ve still to do this but with main algorithm already made for this develop.

This picture is an example of first 2 steps:

ImageIf you wish directly experiment this function, below is the Flash app developed. You’ll have to:

  • accept webcam input
  • take image to elaborate pressing “Rileva” (Detect)
  • after few seconds you’ll have the points of interest on right side and, with right click on image, select “Vedi Aree” (Show Areas)

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I did this proof-of-concept for attempting to change every monitor or projector in a touchscreen. Color detection, when light is low, is not so reliable but mapping algorithm is quite good and reusable in robotics and other image processing applications.

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Ho recuperato una applicazione robotica che avevo fatto per provare la piattaforma Microsoft Robotics. Si tratta di un algoritmo che istruisce un robot a perlustrare un’area senza conoscerne la topologia. Quando viene rilevato un ostacolo, il robot viene istruito su un percorso alternativo così via via l’applicazione costruisce la mappa dell’area. Potrebbe servire per verificare zone pericolose o inaccessibili alle persone, come ad esempio intercapedini di dimensioni ridotte anche senza alcun tipo di illuminazione. Ecco il video dimostrativo che ho registrato.

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