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The “Gift Economy (reputation based)” android project is started ! Will you contribute ?

Motivation of the project is the manifesto exposed in article: “Is this money based economy the only our chance?” . Now I wish develop apps that make that kind of economy a real one. First step is to build a Free & Open Source (GPL v.2 license) Android app , compatible with all those smartphones & tablets. The Eclipse Android source project is live and public on GitHub.

The app will be totally Peer-to-peer and serverless to avoid any central administration or control of the data. The peer-to-peer technology chosen is Kademlia DHT ( BitTorrent and Emule) [reference for implementations: 1,2]. All the Reputations and testimonies made will have to be encrypted by a private key (same as Bitcoin does with his transactions) to avoid fake and/or massive span ones.

Here below you can see Use Cases and Classes Diagram to understand what we will get at the end of the project.

Feel free to join the project on github workplace !








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Let’s put a completely different one at work side-by-side and see which works best.

Imagine you have a system where you can:

  • require goods you need
  • declare goods/services you can give
  • rate supplies received by others and rate people behavior too
  • record that someone received some goods.
So the system can work because of reputation:
  • your reputation on number, relevance, and quality of your job done. All reputations have to be public. Reputation should be a measure of personal social contribute.
  • your ranking in terms of goods received could be weighted with your reputation. Known your low reputation would cause people choose to give their goods to other ones.
and that’all folks !
How could work in this way ?
  1. Well because people would motivated to apply all these 4 activities.
  2. Money-related jobs wouldn’t be needed anymore, such as administrative, financial or managing ones, like in crowd sourcing actual projects. Because of these reduced jobs needed people would have more free time to spend in own interests and possibly elevating these interests in real jobs appreciated by others. True progress could be promoted in this way.
  3. Reputations could allow elder people or with reduced abilities to get goods needed however without or with reduced contribute.
The side effects:
  1. Money? No use here. Exchange is ruled by knowing the needs and reputation of requirer
  2. Communication shall be granted to everyone. Right to rate, right to broadcast news (blog, microblogging, etc.)
  3. Privacy doesn’t exist here ! (but without money it won’t be a real problem)

Or maybe you’d prefer continue to have:

A) Frequent debt crisis by need of endless growth of GDP

B) Waste of resources, pollution and global warming due to competition

C) Jobs and people exploitation

D) more odds, you know it

Nowadays we don’t have anymore to choose between capitalism or communism, we have a powerful tool that could enable this brand-new bottom-up approach: INTERNET.

It should be fine if everyone could choose if pay something with money or recording a receipt of it on internet and , likewise, choosing to be paid for somewhat or receiver a rating recorded.  Think about banks and finance organizations put for once in competition with a different system !

UPDATE: Android Gift Economy project is started here

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Vi voglio segnalare il film documentario “Moving Forward” , dello Zeitgeist Movement, già citato dalla trasmissione Scenari di Rainews (http://scenari.blog.rainews24.it/?p=511  ) . Il video ha già totalizzato più di 11 milioni di visualizzazioni, è un’analisi dell’attuale crisi finanziaria mondiale con un percorso estremamente limpido verso conclusioni sorprendenti. Sia chiaro, la parte propositiva richiede, come minimo, di essere approfondita. Ma la lucidità, coerenza ed estremamente preoccupante previsione della parte analitica merita, a mio parere, di essere divulgata e discussa nel modo più ampio e razionale possibile.

La versione originale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w

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